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Almere, the Netherlands

Enkagrid PRO

Location: Almere, the Netherlands
Project owner: Knipscheer bv, Almere
Date: Spring 2006
Product type: Enkagrid PRO 40, Enkagrid PRO 60, Enkagrid PRO 180

In the district of Almere, near the A6 motorway, a noise barrier was built to protect the residential area behind it. To form a break in the barrier two walls were created by using a settlement-free construction on piles (HSP) with the help of Enkagrid PRO.

In connection with the gabion construction used here, no settlements were permitted. This was a requirement imposed by the architect.

In this project well over 30,000m² of various types of Enkagrid PRO were used, ranging from 40 kN/m² to 180 kN/m².

In the foundation of the reinforced wall, granulate mattresses with grids (with a tensile strength of 180 kN/m2) were created. In the upper section with gabions, Enkagrid PRO 40 and 60 were used in 50 cm layers.

The reinforced body of soil behind the gabion construction was anchored with Enkagrid PRO 40 and 60. The actual height of the bastions varied from 5m to 6m.